PAYTEQ's suite of commerce solutions enables financial institutions and their business customers to process payments and collections and bill customers accordingly. Our fully integrated payment solutions offer organisations the infrastructure they need to provide their business customers with a scalable and cost effective service.

At the core of Payteq Payment Foundation’s integrated payments architecture (PIPA) is the electronic messaging, workflow and translation technologies. These technologies ensure that messages are delivered securely with guaranteed delivery and in the correct format and transport protocol.

Payteq Payment Foundation

Payteq Payment Foundation offers the high-performance payment processing capabilities required for business-critical on-time payments in a Win-Intel distributed environment. It provides a single solution for sending and receiving low-value high-volume mass-payment files and real-time single payments, as well as providing management information reporting. This solution is suitable for banks and corporates and interfaces with your line-of-business systems and the National Payment Clearing House. Click here to download the pdf.


Interchange 2015 is Payteq’s high volume messaging middleware that forms the foundation and development framework for all our application servers. It forms a critical part of the Payteq Payment Foundation suite of key services. It facilitates the integration between our software and different compute platforms and disparate systems. It connects natively with most communication protocols and provides a real-time process flow and store for forwarding queue system. Click here to download the pdf.


Billway 2015 is Payteq’s relationship-based pricing and differentiated billing engine for centralized billing which helps corporate banks to manage their end-to-end pricing and billing needs. Click here to download the pdf.

PCH Link

PCH Link 2015 is Payteq’s payment clearing house business rule integration server and forms part of the Payteq Payment Foundation suite of software products and Services. Click here to download the pdf.


Payteq’s Authentication and Role Based Access Control (RBAC) server and facilitates the user credential management in Windows Security Token Service, Active Directory Federation Server 2 and Active Directory with Single Sign-on. Click here to download the pdf


Payteq’s single consolidated user interface packed with new and enhanced features and offers the distinctive user an elegant all-encompassing user experience. Insight 2015 is the only access point to the Payteq Payment Foundation Servers, system components, applications and services and will only allow user to perform actions in accordance to their entitled access rights and system permissions. Click here to download the pdf.


Payteq’s Online Payment Management System that facilitates client-side EFT, EDO, RTC and AVS file uploads and report downloads. Click here to download the pdf.

Payment Warehouse

Payteq’s low-value payment processing engine and caters for EFT, RTC and NAEDO services. It forms a critical part of the Payteq Payment Foundation suite of key services. Banks and Corporate businesses use Payment Warehouse 2015 to process critical business payments such as payroll, creditor payments and collections. Click here to download the pdf.