Payteq Payment Foundation offers the high-performance payment processing capabilities required for business-critical on-time payments in a Win-Intel distributed environment. It provides a single solution for sending and receiving low-value high-volume mass-payment files and real-time single payments, as well as providing management information reporting. This solution is suitable for banks and corporates and interfaces with your line-of-business systems and the National Payment Clearing House.

The PAYTEQ Integrated Payments Architecture (PIPA) provides a framework of services that constitutes PAYTEQ’s complete payment solution. This framework consist of security services, business services, messaging and workflow services, data translation services, payments services, entitlement services, and web services.

Each layer of the framework provides a specific service to the PIPA. The core layer ensures that all messages are transported over an appropriate protocol, such as HTTP over TCP/IP and that the data in the message is translated to the expected format, such as from a flat file to XML. This layer ensures that the message will reach the appropriate destination. The commerce layer deals with the business applications to process payments and perform customer billing. The shared layer hosts generic services that all layers could access such as performing a security MAC.

PIPA could be deployed on an implement-as-you-need basis, whereby the foundation layer is mandatory and the services in the other layers are optional to suit an organisations requirement.

PIPA maintains the mission critical attributes of performance, scalability, reliability, availability, resilience and interoperability (open standards).

User And Architectural View

Payteq Payment Foundation suite of products enables financial institutions and their business customers to process payments and collections and bill customers accordingly. Our fully integrated payment solutions offer organisations the infrastructure they need to provide their business customers with a scalable and cost effective service.